• Retractable Garden Fence

Retractable Garden Fence

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Finding a place for your plants and getting the privacy you deserve can be difficult!

This Retractable Garden Fence can be used for shopping mall decoration, KTV bars, restaurants, parks, and other places for holiday activities with green vines, which is an excellent view.

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✔ Decorate your balcony, business, walls inside your house or fence

✔ Very realistic

✔ Gain privacy along your fence or balcony

✔ UV Stabilization- Won't fade in the sun!

✔ Expands to 6 feet! (x 11 inches)

Material: The Retractable Garden Fence is a willow wood, and the artificial green vines on the top are artificially tied. It is very realistic and makes your garden full of green and full of vitality.

Get the PRIVACY you want. Whether you are sitting on your balcony, deck, or outside, the Retractable Garden Fence will give you that privacy and be a great decorative piece at the same time!

The photo directly above is showing the sizing of 3 different fences. 

Product Specifications

Material: Willow
Size (Fully expanded): 6 ft x 11 inches

Package Include

1 x Retractable Garden Fence


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