The Top 10 Tips for Furnishing Small Apartments

The Top 10 Tips for Furnishing Small Apartments

Just because you live in a small-sized apartment doesn’t mean that you have to settle for boring, pint-sized furniture.

One common misconception most people have when furnishing small apartments is that all the focus should be on functionality.

An apartment that is short on space doesn’t necessarily have to be short on style. The key is to find the right balance between style and functionality and choose furnishing that highlights your personal aesthetics.

Follow these 10 decorating tips to ensure to create a beautiful space called your home:

1) Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Make the most of the limited space you have by investing in furniture that will do double duty. From the bedroom to living room, you can have multi-purpose furniture throughout your home.

Our top tips:

  • Consider a dual-purpose bed that can be folded into a sofa when not in use
  • Buy a coffee table that can double up as a bookshelf
  • Use a hollow ottoman for storing small things

Whatever furniture pieces you select, make sure that they are easy to use and are appropriate to your space.

2) Ditch the edges

Instead of having end-to-end furniture pieces, go curvy.

Given that most apartments are box-shaped, adding curves will leave a lot of empty space in corners, making the apartment look larger. Go for round coffee tables, a chair with a curve, or a curved sofa set.

home decor ideas for small homes

Add rugs that are either curvy in shape or are adorned with spirals and dots.

3) Go vertical with storage

The best way to utilise space is to go vertical with storage. Tall, narrow storage systems not only provide a lot of storage area but it also give the room a leaner, spacious feel.

A large entertainment centre extending from the ceiling to the floor is a great option that can also double up as a great room divider between the bedroom and the living area.

home decor ideas for small homes

You can also place two vertical almirahs or bookshelves on either side of the doorway or have fold away furniture for flexible use.

4) Play with curtains

You don’t have to be restricted to those run-of-the-mill curtains.

Simple patterned curtains in natural hues make your space appear larger. Create height by hanging the curtains from floor to ceiling or by hanging them outside the window. You can also have them flow from a cornice if you prefer hiding the curtain rod.

5) Add depth with layers

If you thought layering is only for large spaces, you can’t be more wrong. Adding layers can bring the required depth to your small apartment.

Layer your bedding with blankets and add multiple pillows and cushions to add depth to your bedroom. However, it is important to note that layering is not only about piling one design element over another, but also about creating contrast.

home decor ideas for small homes

Select pieces with varying materials, patterns and different textures.

6) Use lucite tables and chairs

Lucite tables or chairs give the feeling of openness, making the space look free and airy while being fully functional.

home decor ideas for small homes

Tables with transparent glass tops also serve the same purpose. However, it is better to choose non-coloured glass tops instead of dark-coloured glass, which might make the space appear smaller.

7) Choose a light colour palette

It is no secret that darker colours make a space appear smaller while light shades have the tendency to make the space appear airy and larger.

home decor ideas for small homes

Try to keep the shade of your interior light. When choosing your palette, focus on using light, brighter shades, and then add a contrasting colour to keep things visually interesting.

8) Use lights creatively

Adding lights is the simplest way to make a home feel warm and spacious. Add multiple lights in different areas of the home to create interest and generate the feeling of space. Use white LED lights and several lamps all around to create a warm glow in the house.

home decor ideas for small homes

9) Scale it down

Furnishing a tiny apartment is all about scaling. Unless you are someone who prefers making a statement with a huge dramatic couch, a moderately sized sofa set will make your living room appear larger.

home decor ideas for small homes

Settle for multiple pieces of small furnishing for different corners of your apartment instead of larger furniture pieces. Scaling it right can make all the difference.

10) Give life to all the ‘dead spaces’

Look around your apartment and identify all the spaces that aren’t currently being used to their fullest. From unused corners to blank walls, from balconies to staircases, challenge yourself to rethink unused spaces to your advantage.

You can purchase a corner storing unit to make it your home bar or convert the staircase into multi-level storage units. Use the top shelves of the cupboard to hide winter clothing in summer or vice-versa.

There is no limit to the ways you can use all the ‘dead spaces’ in your home.

Don’t go by the rules of how things should be in a small apartment. It’s your home, and you define the rules!

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